Forget Mutual Action Plans

Think Outcome Enablement Plans

A good Mutual Action Plan is a great way for sales teams to collaborate with their prospect buying committees through the deciding and buying. At Boxxstep we’ve taken them to the next level with our Outcome Enablement Plans.

Buyer/Seller Team

Mutual Action Plans are a collaboration between you the seller and your prospect the buyer. But don’t think of MAPs as an extension of the selling process.
You’ve already built relationship and stakeholder organigrams within Boxxstep which provides a seamless process to add selected contacts into the MAP collaboration.
This is all about teamwork, so invite relevant colleagues to support you in helping your prospect.
Boxxstep Internal Politics Organigram
Boxxstep Internal Politics Organigram


Milestones are your basic starting point in any good MAP. Buyers are challenged by the many things that they need to get done to meet their project completion date, and this is something they probably have no experience of doing.
That’s where you can come to the rescue. Use your knowledge of doing similar projects for similar customers to detail all the things they need to get done and by whom to meet their target date.

Business Outcomes

Buyers get frustrated when sellers don’t focus on and understand what’s important for their business project.
Boxxstep opportunity engagement capabilities enables sellers to capture and manage the business drivers and outcomes that the customer wants to achieve. By easily displaying that understanding within your MAP you are showing a buyer-centric approach and buyers love that.
Boxxstep Internal Politics Organigram
Boxxstep Internal Politics Organigram

Needs Mapping

What is needs mapping we hear you ask?
The buying process involves meeting a bunch of business needs, if you’ve done your job properly as a seller you’ve understood what they are and captured them within Boxxstep.
Needs mapping is a visual presentation of your prospects needs aligned with the proposition and showing which parts fully or partially meet those needs.
The right schematic is a powerful tool in any sales engagement.

MAP Comments

A good collaboration involves two way communication between buyer and seller teams.
One of the ways we can facilitate that is through a MAP comment channel which members of the buyer team can use to get a better understanding of what needs to be done and how from members of the seller team.
Boxxstep Internal Politics Organigram
Boxxstep Internal Politics Organigram

Insights Mapping

More mapping, so what’s this one about?

Buying committees are bombarded with quality content from many vendors, they then spend about as much time deconflicting all of this information as they do meeting with the vendors. What they really need is the right content at the right time for the job or task in hand.

Insight mapping enables sellers to show relevant insights against specific milestones within the Mutual Action Plan that buyers can use to help them complete each milestone.