We’re not just yet another sales tool

Serious about being a buyer centric company?

Improve buyer committee management

Effective B2B selling is dependent on what you know about your prospects, it’s no longer about product, service or solution differentiation.

You  need to understand the business problems, needs and challenges as well as what’s important to each member of the buyer team.

Boxxstep’s account mapping structure reminds you of what you need to know about your prospects opportunities and the questions you need to ask for best practices.

Boxxstep Internal Politics Organigram
Boxxstep Internal Politics Organigram

Improve buyer committee navigation

Boxxstep account mapping helps you to navigate your prospects organisation and Identify your position in the opportunity.

Visualising is so much better than memory.

You can map out roles, reporting lines and internal dynamics.

Everyone involved in the opportunity can then see who’s who and where you need to focus your attention.

Improve team coaching

Many sales people don’t know what they need to know about their prospects, so it’s no surprise that sales leaders don’t know that their sales team don’t know because there is no means of tracking this effectively.

Boxxstep enables sales leaders to see what their team knows about their opportunities and what they need to coach them on.

Boxxstep Internal Politics Organigram
Boxxstep Internal Politics Organigram

Improve opportunity qualification

Half of all deals end in a no decision and then there’s a whole lot more that you can’t or won’t win for a bunch of reasons.

Don’t waste time and money on unwinnable deals. Our inbuilt qualification tool will help you to focus your efforts on real deals where you have a good fit.

“We needed to improve the way we managed our opportunities. Boxxstep provides the structure and the relationship mapping that helps us be more effective”.

Ian Davin

CEO – Handd Business Solutions

Improve opportunity forecasting

Accurate forecasting is one area that every business wants to improve.

Using your internal sales stages within CRM is not the best way to calculate your chances of success.

Boxxstep’s inbuilt Win Potential will assess your win probability based on your position and fit with the prospect and their buyer committee.

Boxxstep Internal Politics Organigram
Boxxstep Internal Politics Organigram

Improve team collaboration

B2B sales is a team sport. The days of the lone wolf maverick salesperson are gone.

Salespeople work with colleagues to work on and hopefully win opportunities. These colleagues are vital for sales success, so sharing prospect information with them helps them to help you.

Retain high value information

Getting meetings with members of the buyer team is not easy.

When you meet with them you need to ask the right questions. But where do you capture, manage, share, review  and action this important information that you discover? Your CRM isn’t structured to do this for you, and there’s only a limited amount of customisation capability.

Salespeople leave companies and sales teams for a variety of reasons, don’t lose your momentum in opportunities when they leave because you’ve lost vital information. Keep your prospects buying information safe, it’s incredibly valuable.

Boxxstep Internal Politics Organigram
Boxxstep Internal Politics Organigram

Improve deal reviews

Sales leaders love Boxxstep as deal reviews are quicker and more productive. No need to listen to endless explanations from sales people as they can immediately see and review everything they need to know.

One click to  view prospects business needs and position, as well as their decision making process and the buyer team.

Plus the objectives, tasks and steps being taken to progress within the opportunity.