The Buyer Engagement and Enablement Platform

for Complex and Enterprise Sales

Aligning sales teams with their customer buying committees

Buying decisions are made by a group of contacts from across the organisation, the number is probably more than you know.

How you understand, help and learn from them will determine your current and future success.


What do you know about your prospects business problems and needs? Where do you capture and manage this information?


Your prospects decision process is complex and difficult. How can you help them and reduce the risk of a do nothing outcome?


Who’s in the buying committee? What are the roles, reporting lines and internal dynamics? What’s important to them?

Relationship and Account Mapping

Buying committee

The group of people from across an organisation who come together to make buying decisions collectively, it will comprise executive, economic, technical and user buyers. The number involved may be larger than you realise, Gartner’s research shows that the average is now 11. You need to engage with and understand each of them.

Buyer roles

Organise and view members of the buying committee based on the type of buyer and their roles. Plus what’s important to them.

Buyer reporting lines

Who reports to who, at an opportunity, account and global account level. 

Boxxstep Internal Politics Organigram

Buyer politics

Visualise the buying committee dynamics.  Who’s influencing, who are allies and who’s in conflict.

Collaborate with the buying committee

Boxxstep Mutual Action Plan

Mutual Action Plans

Use MAPs to differentiate the buying experience or help with onboarding. Believe it or not buying is difficult, so do the right thing by guiding and advising the buying committee with who needs to do what and by when to achieve a successful outcome.

A good Mutual Action Plan won’t just benefit your customers buying committees, they’ll also improve your close rates, sales cycles and forecasting accuracy.

Review buying committee feedback

If you want to get better

Your prospect makes a decision, hopefully you won, maybe you didn’t, maybe they decided to do nothing, whatever the outcome it’s an opportunity to learn what you did well and what you need to improve when engaging with different buyer personas.

Send automated questionnaires to get feedback from across the buying committee, the more you do it the more you learn.

“Boxxstep has shone a light on what matters and provided the sales team with customer and buyer team structure for sales engagements. Part of our planning for success is to focus on who and what we know about our prospects. Boxxstep helps with that and much more. We’re seeing real benefits from using Boxxstep integrated with our Dynamics 365 CRM and the whole team are sold, there are no downsides ”.

Andy McDonald

SVP Worldwide Sales – Upstream Works

Integrate Boxxstep with your CRM

Buyer Relationship Management Contact Needs

Boxxstep and your CRM, that’s powerful

Synchronise your important opportunities straight into Boxxstep, then you’ve got a buyer-centric sales process.