By being more buyer focused

Boxxstep helps teams in complex sales align their selling with their customers buying

KNOW your prospects. ENABLE them. LEARN from them.

Boxxstep is the perfect  partner for your CRM

Buying decisions are made by a wide group of buyers


Salespeople don’t identify all buyers involved


Decisions deemed difficult by buyers


Buyers thought process took too long


Opportunities end in a no-decision


B2B sales influenced by the buying experience

They make a decision collectively, as a buying committee

Here’s how we help you


Relationship Mapping tool for sales teams

Relationship Mapping

Map out who you KNOW and what you know about them to understand what you need to do next and with whom

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Mutual Action Plans for sales teams

Mutual Action Plans

Collaborate and differentiate the buying experience. ENABLE your prospects to navigate the challenges of buying

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Win Loss analysis

Win Loss Analysis

Win, lose or no-decision. LEARN what the buying committee thought you did well and what you  need to improve

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Focus on the Who, Why, What, When and How?

Customer business problems

Business Problems

Capture what’s important to your prospects, share and review it.

Buying Process

Buying Process

It’s difficult for your prospects, track and help them through the process.

The customer buying committee

Buying Committee

Everyone counts. Who’s involved, roles, dynamics and what matters to them.

“Boxxstep has shone a light on what matters in sales, the buyers perspective. 

We’re seeing real benefits from using Boxxstep integrated with our Dynamics 365 CRM and the whole team are sold, there are no downsides ”.

Andy McDonald

SVP Worldwide Sales – Upstream Works

What’s the upside of using Boxxstep?

Improve sales opportunity qualification

Improve opportunity qualification

B2B sales team collaboration

Better team collaboration

Better deal reviews

More productive deal reviews

Buyer enablement helps you win more deals faster

Win more deals, faster

Safeguard your sales prospect information

Safeguard vital buyer information

Integrating Boxxstep with CRM systems for complex sales

Connect to your CRM

Synchronise your important opportunities straight into Boxxstep, to give them the buyer focused love they need and expect.


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Why sales leaders need to rethink how their teams sell in 2021

Why sales leaders need to rethink how their teams sell

Download our no-nonsense guide to helping your team become more buyer centric and to improve their performance in 2021.

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Curious to see how Buyer Engagement and Enablement helps in complex sales?

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