Relationship Mapping Tool

Navigate the buyer committee complexity

Stakeholder, Powerbase and Relationship Mapping

Bigger buyers teams and committee-based decision making means that winning a sale is not simple. Our relationship mapping tool helps sales teams to understand who’s in the buyer committee, their roles, reporting line, internal politics and what’s important to each of them. It is the best way to successfully navigate and win complex sales.

Decision Roles

There’s an average of nearly 7 people in a B2B buyer team today with different roles and responsibilities. Some make the decisions, some make recommendations and others have an opinion. Boxxstep enables you to show who’s who and who does what in the team. Decision Maker, Approver, Influencer or Evaluator and you can even tag them as Technical, Financial or Operational.

Buyer profiles

We’re not just a visual account map.
We enable you to capture key information about each member of the buyer  committee which is vital to successfully engage with them. Just click on an organigram contact card to see what you know about them.

Reporting Lines

Every organisation has a structure with reporting lines. Boxxstep enables you to build an organigram to show who reports to who in the buyer committee for the opportunity. You may have multiple opportunities with your prospects so you can build organigrams for each of them.

Organisational chart

If you have multiple opportunities with the same prospect but different contacts in the buyer committees for each you can also create an overall organisational chart showing the reporting lines of all contacts. In some instances that will be a lot of contacts, so we give you the ability to zoom in and zoom out.

Boxxstep relationship mapping_child company

SWOT and RAID analysis

For key or important deals SWOT and RAID analysis are invaluable.

Everyone has heard about SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats and Opportunities), but RAID is equally if not more useful (Risks, Assumptions, Issues, Dependencies)

Good selling comes from good knowledge, preparation, planning and strategy.

Both SWOT and RAID will help.

“Boxxstep relationship mapping tool really helps us focus on the buyer team relationships and what’s important to them. It highlighted the gaps in what and who we knew to enable us to be more successful”.

Jonathan Smith

Managing Director EMEA – Limelight Networks

Politics / Dynamics

The bigger the buyer committee the more difficult it is to achieve consensus. Politics exists within every company, some people get on and some people don’t. Some people agree and some people don’t. The more you can capture these dynamics the better equipped you are to try and help navigate these challenges.

Business Drivers

The best deal reviews not only include information about the prospects business problems, needs and buying process but also a good understanding of the buyer committee. It only takes one click and you can see what you know (and what you don’t know!) about this opportunity and the people involved.

Who and what do you know about the people in your prospects buyer committee?

Use Boxxstep relationship mapping to see your route to success