Top Enterprise Sales Software Tools for growth

The sales world has changed, there’s an endless list of enterprise sales software tools now available that will supposedly help sales teams smash their targets. Despite this, sales performance is in decline, no-decision outcomes are everyone’s biggest competitors and many expensive sales tool investments are gathering dust due to low adoption levels.

Sales tools can’t solve those problems, but here a few belters that we know from first-hand experience that will go some way to helping you.

Let’s start with a high-level summary of the complex and enterprise sales world today:

  • More stakeholders/decision makers involved
  • Longer sales cycles
  • Buyers expect more from sellers, not just proposition pitches
  • They’re also demanding more compelling content
  • Greater assessment of risk

If you browse the internet there’s a long list of articles and posts detailing the tools that you should be using for enterprise sales, but most of them are predictable with the same big-name companies. Nobody wants to read about the big boyz in CRM, or how LinkedIn Sales Navigator will help, it’s well-read news.

The same can be said of the big sales enablement, content, conversational intelligence and video selling platforms. You know who they are, you don’t need us to tell you!

And don’t look down the list wondering where all of the back-office tools are, because you won’t find them.  It’s also not about tools that make sales teams more productive by reducing their administration overhead, saving them x hours a day. This is about tools that help front line sales teams to win deals.


9  Enterprise sales software tools

Here’s our recommendations for you to check out:

Sales Intelligence – Cognism

The foundation for good sales engagement is knowing the who in your accounts. One of the biggest mistakes made in complex sales today is failing to identify everyone involved in the buying and deciding process. Your customers are making buying decisions by consensus and committee, which means you need to look beyond obvious exec decision makers and sell higher, wider and deeper. The typical number of buyers involved in B2B buying decision is 11, it’s even more for technology decisions.

Cognism is a great starting place for sales intelligence data. It won’t tell you who is in your customers buying group for your deal but it will give you a breakdown of contacts including titles, emails and mobile phone numbers, with a very high level of accuracy.

Sales Engagement – Outplay

Sales is a highly competitive world and with more buyers to engage to close a deal salespeople need to up their game with better prospecting, personalized email at scale and multi-channel outreach.

Outplay is not only stuffed with helpful capabilities it’s also easy to use, we know first-hand.

And they’ve nailed onboarding and support.

Scheduling – Book Like A Boss

Not a name that you may be aware of but we’ve been incredibly impressed with their customization capabilities and how easy it was to create booking pages that look great.

They don’t take a once size fits all approach to scheduling, so you can present relevant booking pages for each type of appoint to your customers, and it’s so easy to do.

Book Like A Boss is a no-brainer.

Video Selling – Dubb

This type of technology has been around for a few years now but it still amazes us how few sales teams are fully leveraging the wonderful opportunity presented to them to differentiate.

That’s why we want to tell you about Dubb. It provides a suite of video creation, distribution, and tracking tools for prospect engagement. There’s a desktop app, mobile app, and a super convenient chrome extension.

What we’ve found really helpful is the LinkedIn integration, the script/transcriber/teleprompter features and the video pages.

But there’s plenty more with Dubb so we recommend you try it yourself.

Content Management – Accent Technologies

Content is king or God or whatever level you want to place it. But content alone is not enough. It has to be the right content for the right buyer at the right time, Gartner’s extensive research has shone a bright light on this important principle.

This is a big investment for some companies so it’s vital to make the right choice. Accent Technologies is not a name you’ll see plastered at every event or exhibition, nor will they be bombarding you will sales and marketing outreach.

Accent Technologies are not just a great content management platform, their AI assisted guided selling is a cool capability that helps reps focus on the right deals in the right way.

Demo Automation – Omedym

Online video demos and video product overviews have become the norm. But, not everyone in your customers buying groups wants to or can attend the scheduled demos, neither do they want to trawl through lengthy videos to find the relevant value for them.

Omedym offers your buyers a digital-first, product-centric, self-service buying experience. They index every word in your video and PDF content, making them 100% searchable. This enables buyers to access what they want and when they want it.

Make it easier for your sellers and your customers buyer’s, visit Omedym and you’ll discover how.

Digital Sales Rooms – ClientPoint

The last year has seen a boom in the use of Digital Sales Rooms as they simplify the way that buyers can access and use the documents/content/insights that you send them to support your sales engagements and buyer collaboration.

A DSR is a customer-facing content portal/microsite created by sales to understand how their customers engage and interact with their content.

This is a busy sales tech sector with plenty of different options to choose from, we suggest that you take a look at ClientPoint. It’s an enterprise platform where you can schedule, meet and share materials all in one place. We like it because of it’s easy to set-up, easy to use, the support is great, the pricing is sensible and there are plenty of integration options.

One more thing, ClientPoint is much more than a DSR, it’s a Business Relationship Enablement platform, so you should take a look.

Value Selling & ROI – DecisionLink

Here’s an interesting stat for you – 94% of sales leaders believe their sellers struggle to deliver value to customers.

What’s the solution to this problem?

You can start by taking a look at DecisionLink.

Their platform lets you use value selling to deliver measurable results, build a strong business case for your products, show prospects how you’ll deliver ROI, and track business outcomes throughout the customer journey.

Account & Opportunity Management – Boxxstep

What’s Boxxstep’s role in complex and enterprise sales? We’ve popped ourselves in this category which is broad in its meaning.

What makes us a worthy addition to this list of top Enterprise Sales Software Tools?

In simple terms we complement your CRM (we can also work in standalone mode) to focus on your customer buying groups/committees, all of those contacts involved in the decision process.

We do this through three core capabilities.

Relationship Mapping – Visualise who you know in the buying committee, what’s important to them and the dynamics between them

Mutual Action Plans – Collaborate with and help the buying committee navigate the buying complexity

Win/Loss Feedback – Learn what you do well and what you need to improve from across the customer buying committees, whether you win or lose or it’s a no-decision.


By their nature complex and enterprise sales have become harder to close and companies need to give their sales teams the right tools to support their engagements.

The choice is huge and a lot of budget has been wasted on the wrong tools and tools with low adoption.

We know what works because complex sales are our specialisation. All of them are top enterprise sales software tools and will be a great addition to your stack, go check them out now.